How to Post Video Comments

Make sure your YouTube channel is linked to your Game Jolt account. To do so, head on over to Linked Accounts and add your YouTube channel. This will prove you are the owner of the video you're posting.

Add the game's Game Jolt URL to the description field on your YouTube video, or it won't show up in the Video Comments for the game.

Then simply post a comment on the game's Game Jolt page containing the link to your YouTube video. And don't worry, we'll automatically pull in older videos from comments that you have already posted.

How Video Comments Work

The Video Comments section on game pages will display linked let's player videos that contain the game's Game Jolt URL in the description of the video on YouTube. When you post video comments to games,they will also appear on your profile page. Click into anyone's profile to see the videos they've posted.

By clicking on the video thumbnail, a larger overlay of the video will appear on the page.

Gain Subscribers through Game Jolt

We embed a Subscribe button on the video, to help grow let's player subscriber base on YouTube!

Video Likes

Videos on game pages are sorted by their like count, so be sure to like video comments that you enjoy on Game Jolt! The more likes your videos have, the higher up they'll show on game pages.